I would consider myself a sensitive person. Maybe I don’t appear that way to other people, but that’s mainly because I’m reserved as well. But sometimes (actually, a lot of the times) I wish I wasn’t so sensitive. I wouldn’t be as self conscious as I am now, I wouldn’t get offended or hurt as easily, I could overlook many of the small things that annoy or tick me off, etc. On the flip side, I would probably be less understanding. Nevertheless, at this point in time I wish I could be a bit more calloused and carefree in my social interactions.

It’s as if I’m some kind of transistor amplifier with a very high small signal gain. Probably a BJT amplifier. Doesn’t take much input voltage swing to saturate the output. (Forgive the nerdy analogy; I have an ECE exam tomorrow).

I haven’t blogged in awhile and it’s mainly because I’ve just been so busy with school work. And it’s not just that I’ve been busy – it’s also because school work makes my life difficult in a boring way so I don’t have much to blog about anyways besides random frustrations. Anyways, time to study.