Thoughts and Plans for Winterbreak

Thank God for getting me through the toughest semester I’ve had so far academically. Again God has shown me so much mercy in allowing me to do well, keeping me healthy, and letting things in my life go quite smoothly, despite the stress and my lack of sincere spiritual cultivation.

This semester I’ve had the opportunity to befriend two exchange students from Hong Kong. We spent a lot of time together with other friends and enjoyed each other’s company very much. Unfortunately they were only staying for this one semester so we all had to say our goodbyes a few days ago. I’m going to miss them a lot next semester, especially since I don’t have too many guy friends that I spend a lot of time with (yes, a lot of the people in my group of friends that I hang out with most are girls, but that’s a different topic).

I’m sure everybody at various points in his/her life thinks about all the people that they’ve met, and how they’ve come and gone. One of the things that kind of gnaws at me in the back of my mind is keeping in touch when people go their separate ways, and how as time draws on, people keep in touch less and less. I used to write letters to my 4th grade teacher because I thought she was one of the best teacher’s I’ve had at school. But by the time 6th grade came around, we already stopped corresponding. I still have the last letter she wrote me in a “box of memories” that I have in my room. Maybe some day I will write a post about the various items I have in that box. Anyways, I digress.

In 5th grade my group of friends consisted of three ESL students; one Japanese, one Indian, and one French. I particularly was close to the Japanese one for whatever reason. He moved back to Japan the next year and I kept in touch for a few years. I wrote him letters, and he wrote back once or twice with a picture. When my dad went to Japan for business, I even gave him my friend’s contact info and he spoke with my friend’s dad. But again, somewhere along the way we stopped keeping in touch.

Fast forward to college. My efforts in keeping in touch with people are almost zero compared to when I was in 4th grade. I had a lot of good friends in high school; friends that I’ve been with every year starting from 7th grade. Then graduation came and we all went our separate ways. I still occasionally talk and see some of the friends that I spent the most time with, but most of the people I knew in high school I never saw after graduation. It makes me a little sad at times because we shared some good times, but we’ve all sorta stepped out of each other’s lives, gone our separate paths, and moved on to make new friends.

And now I’ve recently said goodbye to two friends that were here only for a semester. We all say we’ll keep in touch and stuff but in the back of my head I can’t help but think that soon we’ll have completely moved on. And then I can’t help think about all my friends that I’ve made here at Cornell, and how in a year and a half, we’ll all be going our separate ways; some to grad school, some to working in industry. What’s going to happen? How long are we going to keep in touch? How many of my friends will I keep in touch with?

Why am I writing about this? I don’t know, it’s just what’s been on my mind and this is what a personal blog is for right? I’m not saying that its a tragedy that people tend not to keep in touch; I think many of us have simply accepted that it is a fact of life that people come in our lives, stay for a bit, and then move on. It’s not a bad thing – it’s just somewhat sad to think about.

Anyways, enough depressing stuff. This winter break I will be going to China for the first time. I’ll be touring the province of Yun Nan (sp?). After that, I’ll be attending CYC (College Youth Convocation, a seminar held by my church) in Philadelphia for 5 days. I’ve been asked to be a group captain so I need to really prepare for this event and humble myself. After CYC, I’m free until school starts I think. Perhaps I will do some catch up on some work that I need to do for research and for my part time job. I also would like to play around with redesigns for my website. I’ve also started to become more interested in photography and photo retouching so maybe I’ll do some reading/playing around with that. I’m supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled, but having some trouble getting an appointment….

A picture update should be coming soon.