I've Moved…Again

I’ve decided to move my website to a new server, 110mb.com. Moving this blog is too troublesome because it involves backing up databases and for some reason phpMyAdmin is denying me access to the database storing this blog. Therefore, I have a new blog powered by FlatPress, which stores everything in text files, rendering it more portable and consolidated, with sacrifices in features and complexity.

So without further ado:


If you’re one of the few people who have a link to my blog, I’d appreciate it if you updated it.

Lessons from EWR (English Writer's Reteat)

It’s been about two weeks since EWR ended on July 5th and I’m still mulling over and digesting some of the things I got out of it, not just in relation to writing, but in just reading and studying the Bible in general.

One of the most poignant points that struck me: when writing on the Bible, the writer doesn’t (and shouldn’t) dictate the direction of the piece; he or she should let the Word of God direct the message. Too often do we read the Bible and encounter a verse or passage that really strikes us and moves us and resonates with us, but jump to a premature message or theme that, although may not be incorrect, does not do the Word justice. At EWR, everyone was guilty of this in our first drafts. We all read something that we liked, which triggered us to come up with an underlying message that we abstractly “thought” or “felt” was the true message. Then, taking this message, which actually arose from our own thinking and limited understanding of the Bible, we tried to develop it, citing Bible verses that supported what we wanted to say.

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