Where Do We Stand?

Joshua 5:13a

“And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted his eyes and looked…”

Joshua had lead Israel across the Jordan river. The Israelites were finally entering the promised land. Their fathers died in the wilderness for lack of faith. From birth the children constantly wandered in the wilderness living on manna. But now, having witnessed God part the Jordan river, having been circumcised, and having the reproach of Egypt rolled off of them, they were able to settle down in camp and enjoy the fruit of the land for the first time that year. And it came to pass…

“…when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted his eyes and looked…”

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In the Conceptual Stage…

… is the making of my new website.

It will serve as sort of a online bio and portfolio and extended resume, so the intended audience will comprise of friends and prospective employers. It will (hopefully) be database driven. It will (hopefully) be powered and administered using modular, possibly OO, PHP. It will (hopefully) look nice.

Content wise, it will be somewhat different from my current site. The information will tentatively be organized into three main sections:

1. This blog
2. Personal/hobby-related
3. Academic/Career related

The personal section I’m thinking will have a brief description of myself and family background, documented with picutres! It will also feature my drawings and photography that I’m somewhat proud of. I’ll probably have some blurbs on musical endeavors, sports, and a historical archive of my web sites (many of which, unfortunately, are lost forever – but the internet wayback machine was able to archive bits and pieces of v3 of my website, which was called Tanuki Ninja! I was like in 9th grade okay?).

The academic/career section will basically list a bunch of course projects and assignments that I feel will give potential employers a better idea of my skill set. It will also elaborate on experiences that I have on my resume.  So far I intend to include things from CS projects, ECE labs, and papers (even some high school papers from AP Lit/Lang, because frankly I think I could write better back then). Additionally, this section will also have a list of courses that I’ve taken.

This is a big “project” but I’m excited about it. I’ll have to think about database design/schema (which should be pretty simple for my website), become familiar with PHP code to interact with the database (looks simple enough to pick up), figure out how to structure the backend of my site to make it as modular as possible, and then of course there’s the frontend design which alone could take forever especially since I don’t have anything specific in mind right now. Unfortunately, I probably won’t have time to really work on implementing anything until winter break. The timing sort of sucks because on-campus recruitment is in full force right now and by the time I get around to putting up information that might be of interest to employers, I could potentially have a job already. In any case, it’d be good to have for reference for future employers, assuming I do some moving around in my career.

So why am I blogging about something probably no one really cares about? Good question. I guess that’s what a lot of blogs end up doing anyways.

Sigh. If I could go back four years and choose a different major, I probably would’ve chosen computer and/or information science with a concentration in web development. It’s so much fun. Unlike circuits.

In other news, it’s good to be home for fall break :)