New Domain!

So, I finally caved and got my own domain! Welcome to!

Hosted by JustHost.

I was researching webhosts and kind of got this semi spontaneously. It costs 3.95 a month for 3 years (but in theory I can cancel at anytime and get my money back for the remainder of the term) for unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts, PHP and other good stuff. Maybe that sounds kind of fishy but my needs are pretty modest anyways, and I as long as I host with them I get this domain free for life (even if I cancel I’ll still own the domain but will probably have to start paying $15 a year for it). 

In the day or two during which I migrated everything here, experience has been pretty good (if you google reviews for JustHost, you’ll find mixed reviews but mostly good ones, which some people believe to be fake…). The servers are pretty fast and my site loads quickly. Uploading was also pretty fast and my domain name and subdomains propagated rather speedily (less than an hour). They don’t support audio and video streaming, but I can upload audio and video and people can download it. I can finally upload larger files now too!

Turns out I could’ve gotten all this for even less (such is life). If anyone’s interested in getting a domain for life and lots of webspace and features, check out It only costs 1.99/month (at the time of this post), but their money back guarantee only holds for the first 30 days, after which there is no refund for the term (also 3 years at 1.99/month).

Anyways, hope JustHost proves to be a reliable webhost, and that can “live long and prosper” (I just watched Star Trek).


I just submitted my last project of the semester, and took my only final exam last Friday. I have officially (well, I guess still unofficially) finished my undergraduate education!

I’m also happy because one of my projects got posted on the hackedgadgets blog (which is one of many blogs for geeks and nerds). Check it out here:

I already talked about what it is in my previous post, but here’s the link to the lab report again:

Also my software engineering group turned in all the documentation and source code for the iCampus iPhone app we wrote (only relevant for people in the Cornell community or for prospective students and visitors). One cool thing is that the HCI (Human Computer Interactiona) department at Cornell has expressed interest in building upon the app in the future for research purposes. It’s up to the client to decide the direction of the app, but I take it as an indication of good work and a job well done :) It’s not available through the app store, but you can get it free here:

CIT has an authorized provisioning profile to release apps, so everything’s nice and legal. Just have to add the profile to your iTunes and everything else should be the same (I don’t have an iPhone or an iPod Touch so I couldn’t tell you, but there are instructions on the website).

Lastly, I finished my sparse petabyte filesystem for the operating systems practicum. That’s probably the most bland to anyone who reads this blog, but if you’re curious you read about it on my website.

The last few days I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at electrical components and DIY projects, after being inspired by all the projects that were done in ECE 4760. Playing with microcontrollers actually makes for a really great fun and intellectual hobby and I definitely hope I can spend some time to make more stuff when I start working. My next project I envision using IR LEDs and IR sensors/photodiodes to do something. I don’t know what yet, but I have a feeling it will somehow be related to using the bathroom. It’s inevitable. I’m not going to go so far as to making a fart intensity meter which one group actually did (look at #16 under Spring 2009 here), but maybe something like a “YOU DIDN’T WASH YOUR HANDS” indicator. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anyways, it feels great to be pretty much done. I’ve had a really bad case of senioritis and now it’s okay!