Taiwan Picture Update 1

Some random/funny tidbits, mostly about my dad and his apartment.

Shower Faucet

One of the first things my dad showed us when we were looking around his apartment was how to use the shower faucet (an amusing coincidence since I had just read a chapter in The Design of Everyday Things that discussed the pitfalls and evolution of faucet designs). Anyways, my mom must have missed the demo because later that morning she tried to take a shower and I was in another bedroom doing some programming and all of a sudden I hear my mom yelling:

Baba! Zhe ge ze me yong ah??!! Wo neng si le!! (Baba! How do you use this thing??! I’m freezing to death!!)

Then my dad oh-so-lovingly responds:

Wo bu shi gang cai gen ni men jie shi zhe me yong ma?? (Didn’t I just show you guys how to use it?)

Mom again:

Ni kuai dian guo lai ah! Wo zai neng si lah!

Then my dad goes in to her rescue and I hear him proceed to explain everything to her, which knob controls what, etc. I know it’s kind of mean, but it was funny.

Garbage Cans

Or lack thereof. My dad’s apartment has several tiny trash bins around which are kind of frustrating because they basically get full every single time you throw something out. Granted, they only get full this fast because we’re living in his place now, but still. He needs to get a real garbage can so he doesn’t have to replace the bags every meal.

Random Anecdotes

  • While eating breakfast at a hotel, my brother asks my parents, “Why is hibachi in America so much more expensive than in Taiwan?” My parents, thinking he said “mochi” instead of “hibachi,” proceed to give him an explanation of how mochi is made and importing/exporting, etc. I try to help my brother out and say, “He said hibachi, not mochi.” Then my dad says, “Ohh…accupuncture?”
  • Last night when everyone had gone to bed and my mom was showering, I heard my dad come out of the master bedroom and close the door. Right after the click of the door I hear him say, “Oh!…gee….” Usually when he says this, it means he either hit his toe or he has witnessed some form of stupid behavior. I ask him, “What happened?” Then he says, “…I lock the door, and mama zai xi zhao.” Yup, you read that correctly; he locked himself out of the bedroom with nothing but his pajamas. Eventually he was able to find a key, but it was pretty funny.

And now, for some random photos.

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