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Pr. Ko is in the bay area and has been leading services at Pacifica church for the past week or so. I had the opportunity to attend Wednesday night service yesterday after work, and all I can say is, “Thank God!” I don’t really know exactly why or how, but the topic and each verse that was brought up really had an impact on me and caused me to reflect.

Ever experienced a time when you don’t know exactly what you’re craving for dinner, and then what you eat just happens to really hit the spot? Or when you try to spend the time to cook your own food and the results are just kind of bland and plain, and then when you go out to eat the food just tastes amazing? That’s kind of how last night’s sermon was for me. I came to the church hungry (physically too, since I had been working up through 7:30pm), and I left in awe of how satisfied, rested, and nourished I felt.

In the past several weeks I had a recurring thought that I really needed an SSC or a seminar to just focus on God’s word, and to rejuvenate my spiritual pursuit. Thank God, I really felt renewed from the service, as if a few days worth of SSC inspiration were bundled in the sermon (or going along with this food analogy, it was like http://dinnerinabottle.com/, minus the grossness of the idea).

Even just upon arriving and seeing some members that I know but do not regularly see brought back that gladness of greeting other brethren who fear the Lord, the kind that brings an involuntary grin on my face.

There are certain children at Pacifica church who are famous for singing very loudly. After the hymn, Pr. Ko said that it reminded him of the passage where children were crying out loud praises in the temple (Mt 21:15-16). To some adults the noise may be shrill, harsh, disharmonious, and downright annoying, just as the Pharisees were indignant of the children’s cries. But Jesus said that praise was perfected out of the mouths of babies and infants. Their praise is perfect. Indeed, I also marveled at how engaged the kids were during the service. They sat in the front and listened intently and answered questions that the pastor asked them. Pretty sure I didn’t pay such attention during sermons when I was their age. Thank God for these children who are examples to children and adults alike.

I haven’t even said what the topic of the sermon was, but I intend to write about it in a later post. Still need to take some time to revisit and think it through for myself. But it was truly powerful and inspiring right from the beginning. And it wasn’t even really the speaker’s eloquence or words; he simply spoke the words of God. But the words of God, words that I have come across before but had forgotten, suddenly became scintillating. Right from the introduction with the motivating verse I was brought into a humble state, admiring our Jesus who came into this world. Our Lord. Our Savior.

Hehe, and I shall keep you in suspense of the content of the sermon until next time. Meanwhile, treat yourself and go out for dinner more, spiritually-speaking.

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