Body Worlds Vital Exhibit

This past Friday I went to the San Jose Tech Museum (The Tech) with my sister, brother-in-law and dad to see the Body Worlds Vital exhibit. It was my first time going to this sort of exhibit on the human body and it was really fascinating and inspiring on two levels.

The first level was actually a conviction in intelligent design. As I read various descriptions and summaries on certain muscles, the nervous system, circulatory system, and digestive system, I was just so amazed at how truly, every part of the body, down to the smallest blood vessel, serves a purpose. So much is going on in everyday actions like breathing. The body contains a myriad of systems and sub-systems that all work to accomplish a specific task that contributes to the general well-being of the entire body. This is engineering and design at its finest. To me, the complexity and thoroughness of the human body (and life in general) points to the notion that there was and is a creator and designer. As my sister once said to me, the notion that all of this came to be through sheer chance and probability is harder to believe than the idea that someone was behind it all. I realize the evolution vs. intelligent design debate is a rather touchy one, but I’m not trying to specifically convince or refute anyone. These were just my overriding impressions from the exhibit.

On the second level of fascination and amazement, I became inspired to be more active in maintaining and taking care of my body, which basically translates to eating healthier and exercising more. One of the objectives of the exhibit was to motivate people to fight the sedentary lifestyle that humans have become accustomed to, and to be more active. Regular exercise helps fight aging and a good diet keeps the internals running optimally and cleanly. Being able to see our innards (which was both intriguing and grotesque) allowed me to realize just how much an effect (whether positive or negative) diet and exercise can have on our bodies.

This also reminded me of 1 Tim 4:8 – “for bodily exercise profits little, but godliness is profitable for all things.” If now I feel that physical exercise is so important, how much more important is exercising ourselves toward godliness?

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