I am contemplating forking this blog into two. On the one hand, I would like to blog more about geeky stuff like web development, information studies with a UX focus (prospective graduate studies!), and technology in general. These are posts that I would want more people to read for mutual learning/discussion and simply for developing my own understanding of such topics. On the other hand, I want to continue writing more personal, reflective, and spiritual entries which I would feel less comfortable opening up to all of the internet.

At first I thought that having two blogs would somehow indicate that I’m living two lives or something, which typically is viewed as negative (when was the last time you had a positive reaction to someone who “lived a double or two-faced life?”) Another thought was that if I separate out all of my spiritual posts from the public-facing blog just because it doesn’t quite fit with the geek stuff, is that in any small degree a form of not acknowledging Christ before men? But then again, these two directions aren’t conflicting at all (at least, I don’t think they are); they would just represent two distinct, but not conflicting, aspects of who I am.

So what’s stopping me now from doing this? Pathetically, petty things like what name should I give to each blog? What URL should I use? And one less-pathetic concern: How should I secure the blog that’s intended for a more private audience? Should I just make one and only send the URL to certain people? Should I just make every post password-protected?

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome!

In any case, these questions need to be deferred until next month or later, because as it turns out, things are quite busy in February with responsibilities and appointments. For example, I am getting a crown on my birthday. A dental crown.

2 thoughts on Forking

  1. hi hain-lee :) long time.. but hello! i had similar thoughts in terms of “forking”, as you say, to separate the personal from the professional. in the end i didn’t create a professional one; i realized i’m not sure where i’d like to go with that. but maybe you can make 2 blogs and link them in the “about me” page. so techy traffic ppl still have a chance to read your personal reflections if they were interested (but not impede on their tech interests). and on the personal blog, you can choose to do some public and some protected/private based on how much you want to share.

    anyway, hope you are doing well!

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