Day 25 – Night-time HW Break-through

Really quickly…

For the iOS course we have to implement a graphing calculator. For some reason I couldn’t get the graph axes/translation stuff right. I spent literally hours trying to figure it out, to no avail, which is pretty sad for an engineer. I even tried drawing it on paper and trying to work it out that way. Still nothing.

Anyways, thank God, as I was laying on my bed and falling asleep, I just started thinking about it, and then viola! I figured it out in my head. I just tried it, and confirmed that it works!

Even in these little things, God is faithful.

I spent an hour or so doing prayer sharing tonight with some brothers, and it made me realize how shallow my relationship with God had become. I’m glad that a brother initiated this weekly sharing to help me be more aware of my spirituality. I feel like God has already begun blessing me for devoting this tiny portion of my time, even though it’s already a grace to just to pray before Him.

Well, back to sleep!

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