On Attaining a Disciplined Life…

To be honest, it’s easy to attain a disciplined life when you’re married. if you don’t live a disciplined life, your other half will discipline you.

hehe. one of the more humorous (but still true) nuggets from CYC.

3 thoughts on On Attaining a Disciplined Life…

  1. we actually talked about that during our bed time sharing… but our married brother (who will not be named, but you already know who it is) said that its true – as long as your spouse is more disciplined than you.

  2. Geo’s caveat is true.

    If I may throw in my 2 cents: If discipline in marriage is to be likened to a constant voltage/signal, that is actually not that stable of a system; perturbations from the environment can introduce noise that corrupts the information in that signal. It is my personal thought that consistent and stable discipline in a marriage should be structured like a differential circuit: two signals in push-pull form that respond to systematic perturbations in synchrony such that the integrity of the information is not lost.

    Of course, it’s been years since I’ve analyzed circuits in detail, so perhaps this analogy completely falls through… my point is, humans are fallable, so if you count on your other half to bear you up and s/he also cannot stay strong, then the system is overcome with noise. But if both are on the right track, even if the individuals are imperfect, as a pair, the system is at least stable.

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